Today, Comodo family of companies has more than 85 million desktop security software installations, more than 700,000 business customers and 8,000 global partners and affiliates market share leadership, being the #1 SSL Certificate Authority in the world, with more than 36% of the market, according to w3techs.com (as of July 1, 2015).

Comodo Web Filtering aims to develop cutting edge technologies for understanding thoroughly the structure of web pages, analyzing textual contents and providing up-to-date and highly accurate classification information on web pages and web sites for both online and offline systems. The vision of Comodo Web Filtering is providing accurate and timely classification results for any kind of webpage and textual content in order to protect all Comodo users.

Comodo Web Filtering uses supervised and unsupervised methods for classification and uses big data technologies for web page rendering. Comodo Web Filtering product is developed to classify domains and web pages using machine learning methods by measuring all the aspects of a domain and web site. The keyword densities found on the web page are a critical step towards understanding the “content” of the page as well as identifying the “topics” and “categories” of it by analyzing not only the textual content but also the headers, the URL and even images. All domains and web pages which are queried by CWF are passing through this analysis.

Using the immense know-how and data, Comodo offers a new dimension to the research and academia community. All the knowledge, data and platforms are shared with researchers who are working in the field of cyber security or related disciplines. Collaboration of Comodo and academia is a starting point of innovation through research and development of many cyber security related topics. In this context any researcher may work with and get support from Comodo.

In Comodemia context, Comodo Web Filtering is offering free usage of Comodo Classification Service for academic purposes. Considering 250,000 new domains are registered every day, and millions of pages are created for existing domains, usually as user-generated-contents, it is impractical to categorize all these domains and pages manually, or semi-automated methods. The cutting-edge technology used in Comodo Web Filtering performs a fully-automatic and highly reliable classification of domains and web pages.

For more information please visit projects website at https://cwf.comodo.com/